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Thurstan Davies
Alla Davies Limited

Alla Davies Limited provide Psychological Business Services, including but not limited to Psychology Expert Witness Reports (MLRs), Psychological Assessments, Psychometric Testing and Online Training through Webinars.

Thurstan Davies is the Director of Operations for the company and overseas daily business activities. He is responsible for managing resources, expense control, developing and implementing our operational growth plan and ensuring that procedures are carried out properly.

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What did you come to London Accountants for?
We came seeking expert management and advice in relation to accounting and finance.

“Our experience with London Accountants and especially with our dedicated accountant has been second to none. They are very knowledgeable, quick to respond to any queries and are great value for money. Over the years, they have helped us be tax efficient. Not having to focus all our attention on the accounting side of things, means we can focus solely on our business goals.”

How have London Accountants assisted your business?
They have taken care of banking, sound financial advice, tax efficiency (both personal & business), on and offline accounting, and understanding & implementing furlough. 

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