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What makes tax compliance and reporting complicated is the fact that laws and regulations surrounding it constantly change. Staying on top of all these updates, not to mention understanding how these will affect your business, just adds to the stress of managing your business.

At London Accountants, we provide value not only by keeping you out of trouble with the law but also by helping you enjoy tax savings through legal tax reduction strategies and careful tax planning.

Keeping You on Track with Your VAT

VAT can easily become an administrative burden to business owners. By working with our team, you can have peace of mind that your business complies with this regulatory tax. Don’t waste your time getting to grips with confusing VAT laws, we can compute and file your VAT returns on your behalf.

Taking the Strain Out of Corporation Tax

Corporation tax laws are becoming more stringent. This makes compliance harder to achieve.

London Accountants offers a range of tax services tailored to specific kinds of businesses such as sole traders, partnerships, and incorporated businesses. Aside from ensuring that your business complies with all HMRC requirements efficiently, we can also help you minimise your tax exposure by claiming all reliefs and allowances you are entitled to.

Helping Contractors with CIS Returns & Rebates

In our years of tax work, we have guided countless contractors and sub-contractors through the Construction Industry Scheme’s special rules for tax.

Basically, we assist self-employed sub-contractors by speeding up the process and helping them receive their CIS rebates quickly. Meanwhile, we can verify sub-contractors on behalf of contractors as they take them on, and calculate the pay for sub-contractors accurately and in a timely manner.

Say Goodbye to Your Personal Tax Worries

Knowing the ins and outs of personal taxes, we can provide our expert advice on the tax implications of your employment (PAYE), investment (dividends), and estate (inheritance tax) decisions. By supporting you in dealing with increasingly complex tax legislations and ensuring transparency on your personal tax returns, we can keep the tax authorities off your back and help you keep your tax liabilities to a minimum.

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